Urbit is a new kind of computer that you can own completely in ways that matter: networking, identity, and data (urbit.org).

Urbit is a clean-slate OS, a single pure function and a peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted network. It is written in Hoon, a strictly typed functional programming language.

Find me on the network at ~talfus-laddus.

Expense Sharing and Todo App for Urbit

Currently, I am writing an expense sharing called tahuti and a todo app called maat for Urbit.

Hoon School (hsl-2023.3)

In 2023, I finished Hoon School Live. My notes on the curriculum are available here.

App School (asl-2023.8)

After Hoon School I enrolled and finished App School. Very unstructured notes are available here.

hoon-runes.vim & hoon-stdlib.vim

I wanted to read the reference of a Hoon rune without leaving Vim. So i wrote decipher to convert Hoon rune references from Markdown to Vimdoc. The result is a Vim helpfile in disguise of a plugin: hoon-runes.vim

Shortly after I did the same for the documentation of the Hoon standard library: hoon-stdlib.vim



Development on and for Urbit means management of fake development ships. To make this easier I wrote Pilothouse:

A pilothouse to command the fleet of ships in your harbor.

Hoon Learning Ensemble

In the context of a learning ensemble I introduced my co-workers to Hoon. You can see the slides and cheatsheet here.